In short, if you are running FlowLogic 8.4, we recommend Java 16 (latest version is Java SE 16.0.2). You can download  the Java 16 JDK directly from Oracle:

Until recently, FlowLogic was compatible with all versions of Java from Java 8 onwards. However, recent changes to Java 15 and 16 have meant that modifications were made in FlowLogic to maintain full functionality. So, there are now some combinations of FlowLogic and Java that aren't compatible. Here is a summary of the compatible combinations, along with download links:

  • FlowLogic 7.3 and earlier - compatible with Java 8 - 14
  • FlowLogic 8.4 - compatible with Java 8 - 16

If you are running FlowLogic on an M1 Apple Mac, then Java 16 is the only version that also supports the ARM architecture. If are running Flowlogic 8.4, then you can use Java 16. If you are running FlowLogic 7.3, then you will need  an ARM-specific version of Java, offered by Azul. Please see our FAQ titled "M1 Apple Macs".

Here are the different sites where you can download Java:

Please note:

  • If you are running FlowLogic 8 through to 8.2, please update to version 8.4 for full compatibility with Java 16. You will then take advantage of the improved performance that is offered. 
  • Java 11 (LTS) is the latest Long Term Support version of Java. This is why you may not find versions 12, 13, 14 or 15 on the Oracle website. It is perfectly fine to install this Java 11 (LTS) if you can't find a more recent version.
  • If you wish to run Java 8, please download the universal FlowLogic.jar file, rather than the Windows or macOS specific installers.